''Perfect in their Imperfections'' : Vintage Kantha quilts or throws are a one-of-a-kind cotton textile. A product of women's art, vintage Kantha throws or quilts are  a form of patched, quilted and vividly embroidered textile made entirely out of used cloth. Infused with the history of their rich heritage, these wonderfully artistic and brightly coloured throws are made by stitching together layers of old saris together. 

Vintage Kantha quilts were invented centuries ago by some very resourceful women. Poor women in rural area of West Bengal in India needed blankets for their babies, so took the softest parts of their well-worn cotton saris and pieced them together with an all-over running stitch. This distinctive stitch came to be known as Kantha. 

The best aspect about vintage Kantha quilts is their little repair patches, their loose and uneven threads that add immense character to the throws. Completely hand-stiched, these vintage Kantha throws and quilts are such a beautiful and refreshing break from the mass produced machine made products of the day.

Vintage Kantha throws or quilts provide an amazing kaleidoscope of colour, completely transforming and brightening up any living space with their fantastic details and vibrant colours.


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