Perfect Yoga Prop - Yoga Blankets

With more and more people, trying this beautiful form of physical and mental well being , Yoga has become a lifestyle choice for many fitness enthusiasts in the UK. With humble beginnings in India about 5000 years back, Yoga is catching on the attention of the western world for the many benefits it offers.

Today, Yoga centres and studios are easily accessible and provide a beautiful environment to connect with your body and mind. Performing Yoga needs very minimalistic props- all you need is a Yoga mat and comfortable clothing. These days an additional and very useful prop is a Yoga Blanket.

A Yoga blanket is used by many Yoga gurus, trainers and practitioners for various purposes. It keeps you warm when you throw it over your body with the air conditioning on in the studios . While learning to pacify your mind, feeling cold and uncomfortable is the last thing you want. Additionally there are great uses of these while you are actually performing the Asanas or positions. A blanket is great when you roll them and use them under your back or knees to support different postures. It prevents undue strain on your back so you don't get any aches and pains . It gives a good lift to the spine and increases your breathing space while you do the breathing exercises. All these add to a fruitful Yoga experience.

And while you are feeling good inside, sweating takes place and the blanket absorbs a lot of it. In these situations you need something that is washable and durable and still doesn't cost the earth. And Yoga blanket that are beautiful and soft and in bright colours make the whole experience even more worthwhile. For these reasons Yoga blanket is a must add to your Yoga bag . And not to forget, if you are off to a Yoga retreat, camping trip or even on a flight, these snugly blankets roll and make the perfect travel accessory as well. Available in 2 sizes, the small ones can also be used as a lovely wrap around the neck or left loosely over your jacket making them a striking colourful style statement when everyone else is wearing dull coloured shawls this winter. Made from wool and synthetic fibres, these blankets are a great addition to your accessory cupboard.

Go shopping for Yoga blankets to pleasethe demands of  your soul and style !