Kantha Quilts

Vintage kantha patchwork quilts or throws are a unique kind of patchwork throw that originate in North Western India in the desert region between India and Pakistan. These throws represent the beautiful artistry of this region of creating stunning throws and blankets from scrap fabrics.
These vintage patchwork quilts were originally made in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s by older women in the village households in India to mark special occasions - be it child birth, a marriage in the family or a husband travelling to faraway lands. Women used the softest and most beautiful parts of their old saris and other garments, cut them into random shapes and positioned them in a way to create an artistic masterpiece. They used mostly saris but sometimes other fabrics like material from blouses, men's lungis (checked wrap-arounds) to create different layers and the reverse of the throws. Then they hand stitched all the layers together using thousands of tiny kantha stitches. The kantha stitches provided the throw with a beautiful ripple effect, creating a warm and special cover for the family. A typical patchwork throw took months to make, becoming a truly prized possession of the family and being passed down as an heirloom.

Kantha Patchwork Throws

These patchwork throws could age anywhere between 30  to 80 years. One can see their age in the softness of the fabric and the washed out colours. Some throws we obtain are literally disintegrating in places! Some damaged portions are repaired with interesting patches which add further to the character and uniqueness of the throws.

Kantha Throw

 Though these throws were created decades ago, they look and feel as stylish and contemporary as any modern throw. Their vibrant colours are what truly catches the eye. The once bright colours might have faded over time but they nevertheless retain the ability to add brightness and character to any living space they are kept in - be it across the edge of the bed, on a lazy couch or even up on the wall in a villa. Over the past few years, these have become collectors' pieces. They will last you a lifetime and be something you would want to pass on to your next generation!

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