Handmade Cushions

Be inspired to adorn your home living with our assortment of sophisticated handmade cushions. Add a hint of colour to your home with lavish, hand-stitched vintage kantha pieces. Home Soul offers a wide choice of handmade cushions including kilim, applique, brocade, cotton, sari and patchwork style all finished to the highest standard. While it may seem simple, colour coordination offers a range of possibilities for exciting improvements to complement almost any kind of home design, in the bedroom, office or reception areas, lounge, dining room or conservatory.

The upbeat colours and delicious patterns bring flow and energy to tired beige sofas and a striking contrast to warmify bold coloured upholstery. Individuality in rooms can be as dramatic or subtle as you like with our handmade cushions, in fact choosing a coordinating palette of colours for your home canvas will help rooms flow together visually and feel more inviting.

Help balance monochromatic themes with a colourful twist on tradition, setting the mood of your home for an appealing aesthetic. A contrast of colours not only creates a feel of elegance and luxury, but can impact enormously on the perception of the size of rooms. The sky is the limit with our handmade cushion couture collection so enjoy your playful pairing and personalised décor makeover.

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