Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Our exquisite hand painted silk scarves are made from Tassar silk and Kossa silk (both forms of raw silk), produced in some states in India. These forms of silk are renowned for their beautiful texture and natural gold colour which is usually very rich and deep. These kinds of silk are known as Ahimsa or 'Non-Violence' Silk as the silk is extracted from the cocoon only after the silkworm has left it.

Our hand painted scarves have been made by a small group of award winning artisans from Maharashtra. We discovered them in Delhi in 2012 when we came across their stall at a show. The colours and patterns on the scarves were visually stunning and forced us to stop and stare at first. We ended up buying a few dozen pieces at the time and have been placing orders with them ever since. The artisans have inherited the art of producing beautiful motifs and use the scarf as a canvas to portray their art. The process of painting on raw silk is either done by using blocks or even straight away painting on by hand. Vegetable dyes are used in this process and do not cause any harm to the skin. The motifs chosen are a mix of traditional and contemporary designs, hence these products never go out of fashion and are timeless accessories.

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