Who We Are

Our vision

"Beauty, Benefit and Good" - To source for the discerning consumer, beautiful handmade products from around the world. Products that add beauty and happiness to your life while at the same time benefiting the supply chain by providing the artisans and crafts people who make the products a source of livelihood and pride in their own handmade product. Products that are "good" for all of us who love handmade products and can identify and relate to such products and "good" also for the unique arts and handicrafts that are otherwise dwindling and dying out at the hands of assembly line manufactured products.

The three values of "beauty, benefit and good", derive from "The Theory of Value," a philosophical treatise by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, the founding President of the international lay Buddhist organisation, the Soka Gakkai. In the realm of employment, the value of beauty means to find a job you like; the value of benefit is to get a job that earns you a salary so that you are able to support your daily life; the value of good means to find a job that helps others and contributes to society.

Our mission

To promote handmade products and contribute to preserving traditional arts and crafts techniques by providing work to artisans and craftsman who are striving hard to protect their dying arts.

Our Story

There was a burning desire to create beautiful things, while studying drab computer algorithms. There was an eye for tasteful home furnishings while negotiating dull law paperwork. And there was a dream to put together a place where people can buy all things beautiful. The inspiration came from glossy home magazines, travels to villages in Europe, from Indian festivals, colours and traditions. The shared dream, the desire and passion came together in the form of Homesoul - an online bazaar of handpicked treasures, a souk that curates humble traditional art and crafts with designs and products translated for the Western market.

Homesoul is Ipshita's and Jai's dream and ongoing journey. It is the culmination of our mutual love for travel, our desire to make and decorate a home and pamper and treat ourselves to beautiful things from time to time. Ipshita studied computer engineering at BITS Mesra in India and worked at Tata Consultancy Services before quitting to study Fashion Merchandising at Pearl Academy. Jai read law at Cambridge University and worked with some of the leading law firms of the world before quitting to devote himself full time to Homesoul.

It is an honour for us to work with such skilled craftsmen and women in trying to promote and support their art. Please join us on this beautiful journey!